Single Person Study: Methodological Issues

Fariza Hanis Abdul Razak

PhD Thesis
Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK.
February 2008

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This thesis is about a single person study and methodological issues surrounding it. The single subject study emerged as a result of an interesting use of mobile phone by a user. This person was then studied over a period of time. Initially, it was only a technique to study the mobile phone use. However, due to a prolonged study, the single person study gradually became important as methodological issues. This thesis highlights deep methodological reflection of the single person study: friendship and empathy. Friendship is developed due to similarities, gender, and personality. Empathy in this study is achieved through deep understanding of a friend. Friendship definitely affects the study both positively and negatively. Friendship yields more accurate and extensive data, helps a researcher empathise with a subject, and makes working atmosphere less stressful. Friendship, however, may pose threats to the validity of the study and delay the accomplishment of the study. Any disagreement in the project may also affect the friendship.

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